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Week Ending March 15, 2009

  • Aquarium: Good bye fishy. Mola mola is released back into the wild last Thursday just after sunrise. It came into the aquarium 2 years ago at < 50 lbs and was released at 400+ lbs. Outer Bay tank just isn’t the same without the little guy.
  • Youth Speaks: Meet team, listen to operational pain points and gather feedback. In two weeks, return with ideas and suggestions, help build intranet and help with AdWords campaign. People there are really great, energetic and warm. Side note: Youth Speaks Annual Teen Poetry Slam starts! Go, listen and watch them. It’s pretty inspiring.
  • VietHope: Worked on donor communications proposal. Next few weeks: start creating materials.
  • Vote on My Life: Accidentally crash site. Oops. Re-launch with a few new tweaks, add submit form. Next step: Less crashing and more content/traffic building.
  • Work on message for Indiana speech. Send onto college for feedback.
  • Taxes, Done!!
  • Ashtavakra Class Two: Talk about frustration and how compassion can alleviate it. Discussion on 5 principles of life (forgiveness, compassion, contentment, truth, serenity) that help move you forward when feeling stuck. From class, I realize how quiet I can be because I enjoy observing. Homework for this week: Think about your cravings and aversions. What do you crave, what are you averse to? Me? I crave independence, freedom, creativity; averse to conflict, anger and dumb people. There’s a post in this somewhere, will work on it in next week or two.
  • Snack around Mission with Shapes! for writing project. Go to Humphrey’s for some tasty Oolong Tea ice cream (Vietnamese Coffee is good too). Thumbs up also to walnut pie at Mission pie and lavender ice cream that relaxes you at Foreign Cinema.
  • Chat with soon to be grad about marketing, teaching, psychology career options. Get feedback from her that it was one of the more helpful, insightful conversations she’s had with work people. This gets me thinking about taking on more mentoring related opportunities – not sure what specifically though but good to note.
  • Weekly Reader (A little behind on reading this week so not much to report):
    • Enjoying Seth Godin’s blog: Read snippet on doing nothing, “The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.” and demonization, “The closer you get to someone, something, some brand, some organization… the harder it is to demonize it, objectify it or hate it. So, if you want to not be hated, open up. Let people in. Engage. Interact.”

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